I read about Vigil on the Status Board Sources page and am using it for about a week now. It’s mainly an iPhone app that does two things: it monitors websites and sends a push notification if they are not responding. It has a free one-month trial and after that costs $9.99 a year for an unlimited number of websites. I subscribed after a few days because I really liked the app and was delighted to see the year I paid for will nonetheless begin after the one-month trial is over. Classy move.


Website Panel

On the home screen of the app is a list of all your websites with HTTP status codes and ping time. Tapping on a website a side panel will slide over and show some more detailed data like the download speed and a graph for the ping times of the last hour.

And finally they even generate you a link for a Status Board table showing the status codes, names, ping time and speed of all your websites.

Standard Table

As you can see, it uses the standard Status Board table layout, which I find humongous. So I added Vigil to my Sinatra Status Board app and made a table with a more reasonable size.

Remodelled Table